Dispair or Desire... Which road are you on?

December 1, 2014

Did you ever feel like the world is collapsing around you? Are you feeling pressure so intense that you think you will not make it into your next season? Are you tired of pleasing people and doing things, you are not graced to do? Tell me, do you feel, like you are dying slowly and the your world is not a happy place? You need to read this! 

On this day 12 years ago, I started my ministry in Pietermaritzburg. I was young, naive, gullible, passionate and downright zealous to save the whole world, and I had stupidity on steroids when it came to trust. I started with an explosion. I was burning with desire, and yet I lacked common sense most times. Needless to say, I enjoyed, unhindered success. Why? What was my secret? 



The ministry grew and I had tremendous success as a Firestarter of Revival. I held corporate prayer for Revival from 5-6am for 365 days a year, I fasted like Moses, Elijah and Jesus had serious competition! It was powerful operating from such an Altar Of Fire. I was like a lazer beam with Prophetic accuracy.  I was a spiritual dynamo, positioned in purpose. 


In my ministry, I saw daily deliverance, miracles, healing and the works in the supernatural, I once led 510 000, Christians on one ground in corporate prayer. I ministered deliverance to 2000 people and saw the meeting turn into a human zoo, all were delivered, set free in the power. Let me mention, that I annoyed hell, fought with witches, wrestled with demonic princes in the kingdom of darkness and unlike the seeker sensitive deception of today, I know what it is like to dismantle darkness as an ambassador of light. Beware the extremes on both ends, but be very weary of those who deny the existence of such, if you are called, there is a war for influence. Such is the life of an Apostle, I speak from experience not refrence.    


I have learnt through time that, I was not a Pastor of a church, I was a trailblazer for revival, I ignited leaders daily. I led 250 Pastors weekly in Governmental Apostolic praying, it was glorious to see Pastors set ablaze as I ministered to them Apostolically and Prophetically in prayer. I was in my element.


3 years down the line, I shut down the prayer furnace and went into Pastoring, I was misled by leaders to abandon my first love. It was the biggest mistake of my life. My wife and I lost so much, we faced constant failure, trying to please people who never knew our purpose. If the truth be spoken, we were dying, trying to stay alive. The more I studied, readthe books and applied the principles, I fell deeper into a bottomless pit of despair. The enemy never touched me in warfare, he deceived me through distraction, I was out of my purpose, trying to be a Pastor, when I was born to be an Apostle for Revival. Well, what makes it harder, was that almost everybody I knew, believed all the Apostles were dead, including my textbooks and teachers. Hows that for motivation and constant resitance from those who refuse to accept your puspoe due to their ignorance or maybe even their insecurity. 


Thankfully in 2007 I met a Prophet in my dreams, and ultimately in person when I went to him.  He was a man of Revival. He spat on my palms, blew a shofar over my head, and led me back into Revival. My baby leaped again.  For the next  3 years, I went from glory to glory, I was flowing in Signs, Wonders, Miracles and Healing like it was my God given nature. I saw the Bible come alive. Our ministry exploded, we had the glory cloud follow us from city to city in Revival.


In 2010, God led me to the USA, I hated leaving my home, but I lost my joy and peace in South Africa. I was summoned, not invited. As I placed my feet in the USA, the spirit of Revival manifested as I began to host meetings across the country. In 2010 in Texas, I was asked, what do want to do in America, I said, I want Revival. To my surprise, I was given the left hand of fellowship, and faced the deepest rejection I have ever known in my life. It was devastating. I returned to South Africa, thinking, I will move on and forget those who rejected Revival for religion. I lost my peace, I once again went to the Prophet, he brought out oil, anointed me, and prophesied, saying, Ricardo Watson, you are a man born for Revival. He blessed me and sent me away saying, never let Revival leave your mouth and life again, don't ever make the mistake again of abandoning the call to Revival.


In December 2011, I finally moved into the USA and I sought God daily in my secret place for 3 years, hidden in Him. Today is the 1st of December 2014, It is 12 years later, since I began and 12 is the number of an Apostle. I feel so much of fulfillment as I leave the Pastoral ministry behind, and all the woes that came with it. I feel like life has returned to my destiny. Today I fully engaged in my call as an Apostle for Revival. It is with Jesus joy, that I return to my first love. For me, this New Beginning is to return to my first love, not look for something new to be different. I have never been so at rest in my  call. I know my purpose. I am an Apostolic Father, sent to breathe Revival into the church. I feel like David in Zigzag, ready to shift to Zion. I write this to inspire you, for you, not to give up on your call. Find the ancient paths, rebuild, restore and recover if you have to, but know your call. Live for the call, not the counsel of convenience. 


Beware, whose advice you take, love them all, but don't do what you are not, you cannot become what others desire, you must be who you are. There is in you, every design and detail, needed for your destiny. Don't leave the path of your purpose. Enjoy who God called you to be, resonate and be resplendent in your calling. God bless Pastors, I love them, I need them, but I am not one of them. I am an Apostle. I love the church, but I am not called to be one local church, I am a resource to the church. You may call me crazy, but I was almost died, trying to be what others manipulated me to be. Today, I stand free. Today, my wife, and children, get to enjoy the ministry and not despise the sentence of suffering in the wrong call. Today is the birthing of our predestined purpose. 


Beloved, I introduce you to Revival Embassy. This is who we are, this what we were born to do. Nothing gives me greater fulfillment than to know, I did not miss it, I have made it. I am Ricardo Watson, I am an Apostle, born to bring Revival to the church. Follow our ministry and experience Revival, we are not trying to be, we are Apostles sent for Revival in the USA.

What is your purpose? What makes your heart race? What makes you cry? What can you not stop speaking about? What will you do for free, becuase the doing is the reward not the revenue? What makes you wealthy as a person, drawing out from withinh you, the treasures hidden in dark places deep within you? THAT my friends is your DESIRE leading to PURPOSE! Go for it, God is with you.

Ricardo Watson.



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