Prophetic Voice.

January 8, 2014

While many voices cry curses and destruction to the USA, much born out of religious frustraion, God has placed in my heart, a hope for the land of the brave and the free. Tensions are arising with racial preujudice being exposed on all sides of the color spectrum, added to that, people are feeling the economic pressure with the present state of recession hovering over America. In such a time as this, we are called to be prophetic voices of light in the deep darkness covering the earth. The voice of the LORD is powerful and is only sounded through us HIS church.

We cannot submit to the giant that intimidates the righteous. We must arm ourselves with aal we have in Christ and annhiliate this wicked spirit that howels at the people of God. Such a day calls for fighters to arise. Fighters who understand faith, and are not maniuplated by the seduction of a defeated enemy. Leadership is defined by being proactive in difficulty and not retreting in cowardice. We owe this generation a demonstration of the supernatural power of God as never seen before. 

I write this with a burning passion within me, to see a company of leaders arise to make the city of the Jebusites, the stronghold of David. Where are those who go up by the water trough? Who will be relentless to prophetically decree a word of wisdom, both potenmt to dismatle the enemy, and reposition the people of God for God given purpose. 

Ricardo Watson. 


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