The time has come to prepare the next generation of leaders in the Kingdom of God. Too many leaders are trained in academics but are dysfunctional in life and ministry. Many need mentorship, but cannot find a true Spirit filled source that is Kingdom centered in all they do. Ricardo and Kerry Watson are  Apostolic and Prophetic leaders sent from South Africa, to ignite leaders with the fire of the Holy Spirit to do ministry from a Biblical Model and not a failed western commercial model. Is this for you? Are you apart of the 120 who will give 3 years of your life, to be mentored, and equipped to be the next destiny changer in the earth? Our internship requires an honorarium of $2400 a year. This is a hands on ministry and will culminate with licensing and ordination from Revival Embassy Inc. Come change the path of your life. Come join this ministry that is similar to what Paul received in Antioch and what he did at the School Of Tyrannus, it is like what Jesus did with His disciples in Jerusalem especially the Upper Room or like the Prophets did all through the Scriptures. Break the mould of dead ministry and be engaged in ministry that will prepare you in purity and purpose. RUWACH RHEMA is setting the standard of how ministry will done in the USA and globally. We are not a commercial gimmick, we are a hands on, face to face ministry resource to those who are called and need to be prepared to become leaders in the Kingdom of God.  Be apart of our founding class and lets make history together. Please send us an eMail if you wish to enroll or have further questions. There is a miracle waiting upon your obedience to say YES, this is for me! eMail us for more info. Nothing is impossible, act now in faith! 

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